Sometimes, opportunities simply present themselves, and that can be crucial to business success in this competitive world. That’s just one of the reasons why we provide business loans to our clients. It can be advantageous to secure a loan in order to take advantage of a business opportunity. Let’s look at some examples of the opportunities that you may come upon as a business operator, as well as our loan options, and what sets Prime Business Financial apart from other lenders.

When Opportunity Knocks

There are so many opportunities for financial gain that can arise while running a business. You might be able to purchase inventory in bulk at a discounted rate. You may be able to expand your business to a new location or bigger building. You might even consider franchising your business, but you need a bit of capital up front to get started. Regardless of the situation, it’s in your best interest to pursue these unique opportunities, since they could bring more profits and faster growth over time. Here are a few hypothetical scenarios that you might encounter as your business grows:

If you run a business, you have expenses. Let’s say that you’re constantly buying boxes and packing material to ship your product. It’s a small expense, but it’s an expense that stacks up. Now, let’s say that there’s a significant price break when you order $10,000 worth of packing materials. Let’s say you’ll save $2,000 to place a bulk order. It’s in your best interest to take out a loan, purchase your materials up front, and save a few hundred dollars in the long run.

OK, let’s say you have the capital to buy all of that packing material. However, you don’t have the space to store all of your boxes and whatnot. Well, once again, it’s in your best interest to make the purchase up front, even if you have to take out a loan to rent space to store those boxes (remember, you’ll be saving $2,000 due to your bulk order).

Now, let’s say that business is booming. In fact, you can’t keep up with demand. You need more employees to produce more products, and you need a bigger production line. It’s time to expand your operations. While it’s unfortunate that you don’t have the capital on hand to make the leap, you can rely on a business loan to make a transition into a bigger facility. That means that business keeps going, production doesn’t stop, customers are satisfied, and profits continue to roll in.

Perhaps it’s time to start franchising your business. You want to expand your Atlanta location on up the East Coast. You’ll have to advertise to earn interest from potential franchise buyers. So, while you’ll have to shell out a few thousand dollars to get your name out there, you can pull in tens of thousands of dollars from your franchises once they take off. It can be lucrative to put your name out there!

Our Business Loans

Prime Business Financial is your Atlanta source for small and medium-sized business loans. We offer business loans with three to 18-month loan terms. Loans are also available from $10,000 to $2,000,000 per business location. We work with companies from all industries, and we can lend in 2nd and 3rd lien positions. Enjoy all of the following features of our unique loan options:

  • A true business finance loan with a fixed finance charge and term.
  • Build business credit and have the ability to renew with us as soon as you are 50% paid down.
  • No need to change credit card processor.
  • PBF provides a fixed term loan collected through set daily payments using flexible payment methods.
  • PBF considers all sales including cash and credit card transactions when qualifying you for a loan, allowing us to provide your business with maximum financing and qualify businesses who do not process credit cards.

In short, our loans are far more convenient and attainable than Merchant Cash Advance loans, and they’re equally diverse. You can learn more about our loans, and check out our frequently asked questions page if you’re further curious.

Why Choose Prime Business Financial for Your Business Loan

Here at Prime Business Financial, we make borrowing easy. With fixed payments and fixed terms, you’ll have a full understanding of the requirements on your loan. We provide payment in the form of direct deposit, and we take small interest payments every day to pay back the loan—it’s nothing you can’t afford, and it’s completely convenient. We have a 10-minute application process, and you’ll get a decision from one of our representatives in a matter of minutes. So if you need quick access to capital, we can provide. We work with small to medium-sized businesses, empowering them to grow and turn a profit. You can learn more about our unique lending company, and you can get in touch with us to schedule a consultation! Learn about the Prime Business Financial difference for yourself—get started by applying for a loan!